When decorating your home, have a ball - a disco ball!

The Last Days of Disco

If you've been visiting The Entertaining House you know we like to have fun here. You may also have guessed that we try not to take ourselves too seriously all the time. There's a time to be serious and there's a time to have fun - my home and my wardrobe both reflect this. My grandmother was a huge influence on my sense of style. Her homes were photographed in publications throughout Europe and the US in various stages of her life. She was a minimalist and a traditionalist - her homes were timeless. But she loved to have fun. She converted a closet in a sitting room and turned it into a small liquor cabinet. She loved to use Trompe L'Oeil to create all sorts of illusions. One day she was preparing her dining room to be photographed in an issue of ElleDecor (either UK or France) and she "dressed" up some cauliflower with thin black ribbon and placed it at the center of her large round table. It was amusing, so very silly really, and yet she made it seem so elegant. She had fun with her homes. I believe everyone should. I came across the photograph above when I was writing an article about moving and was looking for a few good pictures to illustrate my piece. I saw that picture and I tucked it away as I knew I had to use it at some point... somehow. And then one day fairly recently I saw a photo of a disco ball in a home - casually thrown in, and thought to myself how fun this would be to have! And so I started researching photos of disco balls in home decor, I was quite surprised that at how many I found. I love how, for the most-part, they're so unexpected - As you enter these spaces, no matter what the style, only to look up and see this great mirrored ball suspended (in most cases) high above. I love the whimsy and the element of surprise. How can you not smile at that?!

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Go on, I give you permission to go out there and have a ball!