Dress your table in white (this summer)

Basic. Casual. Formal. Elegant. Timeless. Timely. Versatile. Adaptable. Overlooked – The simple white plate is all of these. Consider the simple white plate to be the little black dress for your table. The simple white plate pairs well with all accessories, can be used at any meal, any time of the day from a casual breakfast in a SoHo loft to a lovely garden luncheon en plein air, on a warm and sunny afternoon, to a formal gathering at day’s end.  The simple white plate is fitting for a simple summer meal, an intimate afternoon fall tea, or an elaborate holiday fete.

There is nothing as versatile. It will never compete with rivaling colors or patterns. Instead it complements everything on your table – from linens to china to silver to glass and crystal. It will never appear too clunky or too delicate. It will never be too simple or too fussy. You can dress it up. You can dress it down. The simple white plate is, in itself perfection – overlooked perfection.

Whether you prefer a neutral, colorful, or bold table a white plate is the most accommodating of all. It’s perfect for layering. Whether placed on top of a large dinner plate or charger, or gently tucked under a simple yet delicate salad plate for pattern, elegance, even a touch of whimsy. Pair a simple white plate with a vintage piece, or simply allow it to shine on its own. Whatever your style there may be no plate more perfect.

For those seeking to furnish a first, a second or even a third home, consider investing in a set or two of simple, sturdy white dishes. You might want to think outside of the typical box-store – though Williams-Sonoma, Juliska and even Pottery Barn do offer lovely whites, why not add your own touch? Visit local consignment stores, vintage and antique shops for some pieces with character. Don’t worry if you can’t find a full set, it’s much more fun and perfectly acceptable to mix and match these days. If you happen to find some with patterns such as lattice, basket weave or floral, these all will add a lovely texture to your table without being overly distracting. And, if a plate or two should break, as plates are apt to do, it will be much easier to fill in the missing pieces!

Perhaps the single most important reason to dress your table in white is to properly showcase your food. There’s a reason why restaurants prefer to serve on white. Food is so much more than nourishment. It’s art for your table. A lovely meal deserves to be showcased. An artist works with a white canvas, a chef works with a white plate. Whether you’re a talented home cook, seasoned chef, gourmet or gourmand your food deserves to be noticed without the distraction of busy patterns and colors.

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