Long before Instagram, long before the term Influencer was coined, I created The Entertaining House. The year was 2008 and terms like blog, blogging and blogger raised an eyebrow or two. But soon word caught on and spread like wildfire. This was over 10 years ago. Today The Entertaining House remains a leader in the field.

This luxury lifestyle website is dedicated to the arts, interior design, fashion and food. It was created to inspire, entertain and educate through images and words. The Entertaining House is about living well and entertaining well - within a means. It's about mixing heirloom pieces with today's designer pieces and Goodwill finds to create a style that is unique, elegant and approachable.

Much of my inspiration was garnered from my own childhood on Manhattan's Upper East Side and summers in the South of France, as well as from my maternal grandmother, a published designer, who told me that all (decorating) rules were meant to be broken. I have a flair for things elegant, graceful and sophisticated with plenty of room for whimsy. My style is gleaned from the classics, and often in a most unpredictable way. I favor the unexpected.

This I am a single mother of three and strongly believe that beauty, elegance and grace can be achieved affordably and within a means.

Now that I am well into my 50s, although my audience is broad, I have chosen to focus on topics that specifically affect women who are midlife and beyond. Our needs and wants are different. Our experiences are different. Our bodies and lifestyle choices are different. Because true style is timeless, The Entertaining House still has a wide appeal.

I have been described as a "tastemaker, a lifestyle writer, photographer and memoirist with a stellar reputation as a trendsetting bon vivant. The stylish and vivacious owner/creative director of The Entertaining House—a blog that has become synonymous with poise and luxury—has garnered attention from top brands, designers and celebrities from around the world. Both professionally and for The Entertaining House Gordon Ryan writes dexterously about culture across the board."

Based in the small hamlet of Southport, Connecticut, just outside of New York City, The Entertaining House is both a small home-town and international website.  


I am also the owner of GIMLET MARKETING, a boutique firm offering a wide range of services which include photography, editorial, public relations and social media services. 

My writing and photography have been published in local and national, print and digital publications such as Fairfield MagazineWilton Magazine,  Moffly Media Publications: Westport Magazine, AtHome in Fairfield County, Greenwich MagazineYankee MagazineThe Daily BasicsCTBites, and Coastal Connecticut Magazine.

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