Stylish notes on Fashion :: Inspiration, Chanel

I love pearls. I adore pearls. All sizes and shapes. I keep hoping one will miraculously show up in an oyster. I've eaten lots of oysters lately, but alas no pearls. I'm not really a single strand of pearls (as in necklace) kind of a girl, but I prefer to wear them in a more dramatic way. The bigger the better. Fortunately for my budget there are some great impostors out there. I'll pile necklace after necklace on - mixing both real and fake... I'll do the same with bracelets and wrap long strands of faux necklaces around my wrists to create a dramatic piling effect. I love pearl buttons, and with those as well, the bigger the better, I say. Those who know me best might say that my oversized pearl earrings are my signature style. I wear them with everything from ripped jeans to black tie. The pearl is sophisticated and polished. It's also a lot of fun - and I think jewelry and fashion should be fun. (Image to the right via Chanel)

I fantasize over the fabulous pieces that come out of the House of Chanel - the clothes and the jewels. But that's what it all is... it's a fantasy. I've been lucky in that I have inherited from my grandmother the ability to create the look for less. It's less the piece of jewelry or the article of clothing than how it is worn and paired. In that sense my grandmother was the master of deception. She may have looked as though she was entirely dressed in classic Chanel, but I assure you that she was not. It's actually easier to do nowadays with so many designers and brands drawing inspiration from the major design houses. I certainly like it and if I was one of those designers, I'd be extremely honored. Chanel, while very much my style is not my budget. (Above and below images via Athens Street Style.)

I adore everything from the above picture, from the bag - Hermes - to the coat with the over-sized pearl-like buttons, to the double pearl ring - Chanel. Can someone please tell me who makes this amazing vest/coat?!!

Last week I was out shopping with my daughter and stumbled across a fun pearl ring. I wasn't looking for it, but perhaps it was looking for me? With a big weekend ahead of me in New York I picked up the ring knowing it would be perfect for a couple of the dressier events I would be attending. It wasn't until I tried it on that I saw how similar it was to Chanel's when worn on a finger. Because the ring I got is adjustable I can wear it on several fingers.

I posted the below photo (taken with my iPhone 4S) on Instagram and Facebook and was deluged with likes and comments... One person even commented saying that she adored the Chanel ring! I simply shared the photograph with the thought that every cocktail ring should be accompanied by a cocktail. Don't you think?

I give away trade secrets all the time. And I suppose I shouldn't but I do. Now, you could have the said Chanel ring for a mere $1,000 USD, OR you could head over to Zara and pick up this beauty for $19.95!

Side by side do these rings look alike? Not exactly, but scroll back up and look at our fingers. Not bad, I say, especially at a savings of over $975!  

If Chanel is your thing, click here to see the ring and the rest of the collection. The rest of you should hop on over to Zara's website!