Happy National Creamsicle Day!

August 14th is National Creamsicle Day. 
It's a kid's treat. It's a kid's treat served up on a hot day. On a stick. At least that's how we think of the Creamsicle. The soft vanilla center covered with a hard orange sherbet-like shell proved to be the perfect antidote to the hot summer sun. As a child growing up in the city, my friends and I would head over a few blocks, either on sneaker-skates (remember those?!) or our skateboards to where the Guggenheim Museum proudly stood. We weren't there in search of art or culture, but of ice cream. Parked next to the museum, on the side street was the Good Humor Man and his truck. I can't remember a day he was not there. I had my favorites. Generally I chose the Chocolate Eclair or the one that had the chocolate candy bar center. On the hotter days I opted for something more refreshing. The Creamsicle was it. It hit the spot. The flavors remind me of my childhood in the city, of the Good Humor Man all dressed in white and The Guggenheim. The orange and vanilla combination brings back happy memories, and the pleasant flavors are by no means childlike. Below I offer some Creamsicle ideas for even the most sophisticated palates. 

For those in need of a boozy treat, How Sweet it Is offers up a creamy Coconut Creamsicle Margarita (top left) that looks dangerously delicious. Savvy Eats has created a marmalade infused Creamsicle Margarita (top right). Pick your preference or try both... Who are we to judge?! However, if you're looking for something slightly healthier, stop by The Roasted Root for her Orange Creamsicle Kumbacha, pictured just below. 

If you're anything like we are, you'd probably prefer something a little more dangerous, a little more decadent. Why not turn your favorite flavors into a truffle? Cooking Classy has done just that with her Orange Creamsicle Truffle. (Oh man, would we ever like to kick these up a notch and dip them in dark chocolate!)

We can only imagine what our all time favorite (French toast) would be like when stuffed with an "orange kissed cream cheese filling." We think it might be a little slice of heaven on a fork. Will Cook for Smiles has such a recipe. (Pictured below) Our only problem would be deciding whether to have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert... or perhaps all four!

Nothing, and we mean nothing, beats a really good orange cake with a really good frosting. I'm requesting Baked Bree's Creamsicle cake for my next Birthday... if I can stand to wait that long!

Garnish with Lemon is a girl after our own hearts. Dark chocolate and Creamsicles? Swoon. And you will never believe that these are actually healthy to boot! Swing on over to her sight to see if you don't believe us!

We hope you'll take a moment to celebrate National Creamsicle Day. Let us know how you plan to celebrate!