Mommy, I'm copying you!

Alexander is in the annoying copy-cat phase. This drives his brother and sister completely bonkers. He repeats everything they say... Remember when you did that? Remember when you thought it was the funniest thing in the world? I thought this was going to be a short-lived phase. Boy was I wrong.

This morning, as Alexander was prancing around in a cute red pair of kitten heel shoes of mine, he announced that he was going to be copying me today.

Naturally I started out the conversation in my favor.

"I love my Mommy!"

"I have the best Mommy in the whole entire world!"

"My Mommy is the bestest!"

"My Mommy is the prettiest Mommy in the whole wide world!"

"I love my Mommy more than ice cream!"

"I love my Mommy more than chocolate!"
And then he paused for a second... rolled his eyes around, got a silly little smirk on his face and said
"I love my Mommy more than red wine!"