houses without chimneys - a Christmas story of sorts

When Rebecca was about 4 years ago we used to drive her across town to ballet class once a week. We had the green Volvo wagon that had built-in boosters that popped up and out from the regular seat. The idea, I thought, was so genius it was perhaps the major reason we purchased the car. Rebecca had just reached the height and weight that allowed her to sit safely in the booster. This was her maiden voyage and she was looking at the world anew. It was approaching Christmastime. I do not recall whether or not there was any snow on the ground but I do recall the Christmas decorations and lights that lit our path.

Rebecca looked around and noticed for the first time in her not terribly long life that some of the houses did not have chimneys. Most of these houses were smaller capes that lined the roads.

"Mommy," she asked "Why do some houses not have chimneys?"
I knew where she was going with this question with large blow up Santas on half of the front yards we passed by. I wasn't sure how I was going to answer her. I was preparing my Santa also comes in through windows and doors when chimneys are not available speech. But I didn't have to.

"Oh I get it!" she exclaimed!
"People who live in houses without chimneys are Jewish!"

But of course they are!