we won't let it rain on our parade!

the boys don't need sunshine to use their metal detector!

they found 3 bottle caps...

and a quarter!
But they still have fun!

and what's a little more water when you're already playing in it?

But sometimes the parents have just had enough of the beach
and will use the overcast weather to go off on an adventure...

first to Cape Elizabeth, ME

to visit the most photographed lighthouse in the world,
The Portland Head Light
(I didn't get a picture of it this time around!)

and take in the magnificent views

I can hear the ocean in this shell!

Time for lunch at The Lobster Shack!

2nd lobster roll while on vacation...wondering how many more I can sneak in!

the kids enjoyed walking out on the cliffs

I tried to get a Christmas card photo... none in this batch!

Daddy and Alexander and Rebecca stayed up on the cliffs
while Christopher and I went down below to find some sea glass...

and over to Fort Williams to visit the remains of the World War II forts

from there we headed to the Old Port in Portland for some more sight seeing...
... to be continued!