Waterpark Fun

I lost my cell phone at the water park yesterday. I feel completely naked without it. I hate not having my cell phone, which, at this point, is my only contact with the outside world. After 2 days it seems I have some weak internet connection... Hallelujah! I miss you all! I miss blogging and texting and emailing... Hi, my name is Jessica and I am addicted to my mobile communications... actually, I'm really just addicted to keeping in touch with all my girlfriends!

I'm feeling a little brazen which is completely NOT me... and because you all seem to like all my photographs I thought I would post some of myself... in a bathing suit... at the waterpark... I'm going to regret this... but here goes!

Meantime, pray that someone finds my phone and that I can get it and all my lost contacts back!

I'm seriously a big chicken and afraid of heights and proud that I did this!

I loved it so much I went up for more!

Ok, now that was embarrassing... hope you enjoyed the show!!!!