More on The Children's Study of Monet

The children had a wonderful time learning about Monet, his gardens and his paintings. The study was concluded by a walk to a local garden with a bridge resembling those he so frequently painted. The children had a lovely picnic with red wine and white wine (grape juice), French bread, cheese and fresh fruit. After relaxing (and playing) by the water they all took turns painting and posed for photographs... here's a peek into our little Field Experience yesterday... the children are so darling... I just love this age!

For a little fun, and a little lesson in art history check out the following two books:

If your children enjoy these books there are other wonderful books about the artist that are written specifically for young children. Both Barnes & Noble and Amazon carry them. And now, a glimpse into our special day...

I love this above shot as it reminds me of a postcard I saw in Paris which is quite famous, of a little boy carrying his baguette.

Below, Mrs. S, our teacher who really makes the PreK-3 program an experience that involves all the senses... her creativity is rivaled by none. Here she even dresses the part as we walk to our lovely picnic.

Like Mother like Son... Alexander spilled his red wine all over the place!

The easel is set up for the children to begin their painting. (Background was painted by the 8th graders!)
Below, a masterpiece in the making!

The Bridge at Giverny... Connecticut!

The children...

Does Alexander not look like Le Petit Monet?!

The two dogwood have nothing to do with Monet but as we were walking back to school I was captivated by the beauty of the flowers and in the second photo I shot the dogwood from underneath, looking up directly into the sunlight.