it's hard to be me ;)

I can never keep up with the laundry. I can't seem to catch all the dust bunnies. Socks always seem to get lost. My grocery bill is always too high (over $400 this week alone). The kids get more toothpaste in their sinks than they get on their brushes... I am after them to flush, wash, clean, put away, make beds... and they don't so I do. They never put their clothes away. So I do. The dishwasher is perpetually full and therefore constantly needs to be emptied - a chore I loathe... the kids can't eat without getting crumbs on everything... and I must vacuum several times a day to keep on top of them. I spend more time in my car than I do at home schlepping to skating and soccer and this and that and back to this and that and to play dates and running errands, wiping little tooshies, wiping little noses, bathing, dressing, undressing, cooking, (drinking, but of course!) and on and on and on...

And sometimes I get a chance to break out and have a little fun! I met KK (Pink, Green & Southern) yesterday at Crumbs for a yummy treat and delicious coffee. It was the second time we met and we had a blast and we gabbed and gabbed and gabbed and we could have kept on gabbing but we had little preschoolers to pick up. We'll meet again soon!

And sometimes, especially in the summer, household duties take a backseat to fun...

Today, we headed to the pool and this is what was in my car!

Small straw tote had books, magazines, cell phone and wallet.
Large straw bag had beach towels, 2 sets of arm "floaties", 3 kinds of sunscreen, mini pack of tissues and assorted Band-Aids...

and this is what was in the cooler!

and this is what I made from what was in the cooler!

It has no name, which is a shame. It's fabulous and crisp and refreshing and I make it for my friends all the time and when I'm not enjoying a glass of wine and when I'm not drinking a Mojito, this is what I want!

My Fabulous Cocktail...

Vodka, one shot
1/2 cup of seltzer water
1/2 cup of limeade
2 or 3 thin slices of lime
2 or 3 thin slices of cucumber, skin on

The first time I ever had cucumber in a drink was when I was in Wimbledon. (My grandparents were members and I went often in my youth.) You cannot go to Wimbledon without having a Pimms... Pimm's Cup is a wonderfully tasteful and refreshing British cocktail that is garnished with a slice of orange, lemon and cucumber. The cucumber adds such a great flavor and refreshing quality.

Pour all into a tall glass, add some ice, and garnish with an umbrella!

below, picture of my shot glass!

I need a name for my beverage. Anyone?!?!