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The Murphy Bed is the ideal space saver. Lately I've been fixated on smaller spaces and ways to maximize their potential. Much of this stems from my personal story. Most of you know I am fairly recently divorced. I went from living in a house that was over 4,500 square feet to one that is just shy of 1,300 - And I brought my 3 (very messy) kids with me! 

We've had to make all sorts of lifestyle adjustments in addition to living in smaller quarters. I needed my home to be comfortable and kid friendly. I have no space here to allocate specifically to the children or specifically to myself. And while we would love to spread our arms and sprawl we can't at this moment. However, as a mother of growing children who will be leaving the nest in the not too distant future, I love the closeness. I love having them here, under my wing in our small but cozy nest. I hope in the next couple of years to fly off to someplace a little larger and a little more permanent, but for now we are here and happy, though I may secretly be regretting the brilliance of my decision to purchase a white couch - but that's another story!

Led by the influence of my new lifestyle, my passion for design and my natural curiosity I keep looking for new ideas and inspiration. And who knows, maybe one day I will have a small pied a terre in Manhattan and I will need to maximize that space as well, and perhaps create an additional sleeping area... and if that ever were to happen the Murphy Bed would be the ideal solution. Perfect for a small ski, beach house, or finished basement, today's Murphy Beds aren't what they used to be - Come have a look.

An office quickly converts to a guest room
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A great way to maximize space in a city loft
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A small studio or office conceals a Murphy Bed
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Last minute guests are not a problem

3 Murphy Beds created by Paul Devine for the 2012 Pasadena Showcase Home

Today's Murphy Bed isn't quite what you had in mind, is it?