A house in the mountains

And so with the holidays long behind us we enter the long, endless, days of winter. The snow keeps piling up. The winds keep howling and the temperatures keep dipping. Even the most adventurous of us all often feel like hibernating. There are skiiers and ice skaters and folks who genuinely love the cold weather. I am none of those people. I love the snow. To look at. I think snow is magical and beautiful if I don't have to be in it. I don't much care for driving in it or slipping and sliding in it. And while there's nothing I hate more than the wind slapping us in the face, oftentimes knocking the wind out of us, I do love to listen to it... I love to sit in my warm, safe home in the wintertime and watch the snow fall and listen to the wind blow outside, rapping at the windows, shaking the wind chimes out on the porch with such a vigor that I can hear them from inside my warm home. I love the winter. I love to look at it. I just don't like to be in it. Fore more read here.