Rice Bowls :: A healthy, hearty meal in a jiffy

I'd heard about rice bowls but hadn't had one until really recently. Truthfully, I hadn't understood all the fuss. Not long ago I went to visit a new healthy fast food restaurant that recently opened up in my town for an article I was writing. As I sat down with the owner to talk to him he ordered a couple of items for me to try; one of which was the rice bowl. Made with brown rice, some cheese, it was topped off with avocado, cilantro, corn, black beans and grape tomatoes with a lime wedge and fiery barbecue sauce. It was outstanding. I loved it so much, in fact, that I ordered it several more times.(My review is here.) I decided that this was a dish that could very easily be replicated at home. It was incredibly easy to do and is perfect for those nights when you want something healthy, hearty and are pressed for time. The rice was the most time consuming to cook requiring just over 20 minutes. While it was cooking I was able to get all the other ingredients ready. And in under half an hour our dinner was made. For more read here.