17 Things you simply must do this fall

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Fall is really the most perfect time of the year. It's the season that beautifully transitions the long dog days of summer before the seemingly endless, relentless cold winter approaches. Fall is like a fireworks display, filled with color, awe and wonder... At the beginning of the season warm days are interspersed with cooler days - creating a most perfect season. We can turn off our air-conditioners and open our windows. Nighttime cools enough to warrant warm blankets and covers. Mornings are cool and we reach for warm sweaters - by afternoon they're off and the sun's rays warms our shoulders. As the season progresses, the days get shorter and cooler. The trees in a distance resemble a fiery blaze and eventually those bright colors cover the ground and go crunch underfoot. In this season we will light our first fires in our fireplaces, our ovens will get turned on once again and sweet smells will permeate our homes and our hearts... We'll spend more time inside, and we'll drink warm mugs of tea and cider to warm our hands when the weather turns cooler. We'll take drives in the countryside and pick apples and pumpkins with our children who will all eagerly await the day they can dress up and collect candy. As the season progresses we'll gather together with family and loved ones for the holidays... This season, like all others, is fleeting, and we should all get out there and appreciate the beauty and wonder that's all around us!

1. Go apple picking


2. Carve a pumpkin

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3. Bake an apple pie, serve it warm, a la mode

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4. Go for a leaf peeping drive

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5. Host a tailgate party or have a fall picnic

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6. Go on a hayride

7. Work your way through a corn maze

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8. Take a scenic hike and bring your camera

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9. Bring the outside in and add some fall decor to your home

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10. Donate gently worn and unused warm clothes to a homeless shelter

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11. Have your fireplace professionally cleaned and make a fire

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12. Jump into a pile of leaves!

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13. Make a pot of your favorite soup


14. Snuggle into the couch with popcorn, a blanket and It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

15. Tell ghost stories around a fire pit or bon fire

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16. Go to a football game

17. Start a Thankful Tree and add something to it every day

17. Start a Thankful Tree and add something to it every day