7 Last minute gift ideas for Mother's Day that are Slow + Simple

Image via Gloria Collins of GBC Style Slow Home Living

I like the simple things in life, especially when it comes to Mother's Day. I don't think Mother's Day should feel forced. It's not about grand and expensive gifts. It's about simple and kind gestures, tokens from the kids, words of kindness and thanks. I don't expect them to understand all that a mother does and all that she gives and all that she sacrifices. They're not meant to and only when they're older will they truly get it. I do hope that they see how much and how hard I try to make their small place in this world a little bit better - How I try to give them the best that I can and how I try to be the best that I can. It is important to me that they see that and a simple thank you is plenty. 

My daughter told me that there should be a special Kid's Day. I remember having the same conversation with my mother when I was about her age and I remember my mother telling me that every day is kid's day. I'm sure I thought she didn't know what she was talking about. I know now that she did. And so, sounding very much like my own mother, I repeated those same words - and I'm quite certain that in another 30 years will sound very much like me.

I know my kids like to pick up little items. I don't want them to spend their own money on me - I much prefer the handmade and hand crafted items. Cards that they've made themselves and sweet bundles of handpicked flowers are my favorites. I'll toss a few dollars into my daughter's checking account because I know she wants to picks something up for me. She knows me well enough... she knows what I like.  

Below I share some of my favorite items and ideas with you for inspiration...

Two of my favorite books are pictured above. What mother doesn't love to relax with a beautiful book? What mother doesn't love to have near and dear ones over in the garden. See here for my post on Danielle Rollins' Soiree and here for Michael Devine's An Invitation to the Garden. 

I am madly, passionately in love with Nest Fragrances, especially the Bamboo candle.  I'm not usually one for scented candles as I find they tend to be too heavy - perfumey or sweet. The Nest candles, however, are quite the opposite - they're crisp, clean and fresh - the perfect affordable, little luxury.

The children can jazz up old or inexpensive new glassware with a simple brush stroke or the back of an eraser. Aren't these whimsical little glasses so festive and fun. These are the brainchild of Radical Possibility. Do stop over and pay her a visit!

Cottage Mama came up with these clever coasters using tiles, scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. A few years back the kids and I made some using old Waverly Fabric, unused floor tiles and a glue gun. We attached little felt rounds on the bottoms and they made lovely trivets. So simple to make yet so beautiful. An older child could supervise younger ones for this. I wrote about our project in a post called Hot Stuff that you can find here.

I adore these simple painted chargers. These would make a lovely gift. For more visit Sweet Paul - stay for a while while you're there... his site is filled with all sorts of wonderful things! I think I'd like a set of these.... hint-hint!

These fun and whimsical prints from potatoes are Valerie's brilliant idea over at Inner Child Fun. These darling watermelons created the best wrapping paper. They can also turn a plain white note card into something much more fun. Tie them up with a pretty ribbon and you have a perfect hand made gift.  All mothers love note cards, especially those made by their children!
We hope this has inspired you and given you some ideas. Stop by tomorrow for some simple last minute Mother's Day lunch ideas.