White jeans :: The most perfect pant!

Classic. Iconic. Casual. Elegant. Comfortable...

If you're a regular reader of the The Entertaining House you most likely know about my love affair with the white jean! They are my idea of the perfect pant. A couple of years ago I decided to defy tradition and not pack them up with all my summer clothes at the end of September. I think, this may have indeed been one of my best decisions ever. One pair has grown to several. I still have my favorite, ones though. Well worn, perfect fitting. But back-ups are a must. My little white jeans pair perfectly with little sandals, ballet flats, heels and boots. They transition from T-shirt to blouse perfectly. And for this reason they are also the perfect traveling companion. My white jeans will absolutely be accompanying me to London!

The little white jean also transitions perfectly from cool summer morning to warm afternoon, back to breezy evening. A simple tee with a light cardigan will keep you warm in the earlier morning hours. In the afternoon, shed the sweater for a clean, classic, casual look and should you need to run right out to dinner, slip off the flip flops, sling on the sling backs and a little black jacket or navy blazer and voila! For the same reason, these transition beautifully into fall and further on into winter. White looks so crisp and clean when paired with black, charcoal, navy and chocolate. A pair of ballet slippers or riding boots will complete your look.

And for those of you who feel a bit self conscious in a lighter color on your bottom half, I assure you that everyone can wear these. It's just a matter of getting a perfectly fitting pair and what's worn on top. Sometimes a longer shirt, sweater, or jacket is a safer option for many of us.

These perfect little pants should really be a staple in everyone's wardrobe!

Here I am below... I've totally got it as a fashion blogger... don't I?!
Just to show you that I can and like to poke fun of myself too...
I couldn't quite capture my entire image in the mirror... My 8 year old was sitting on the bed asking what I was doing... how to explain??!!

Yes, I am the biggest dork... ever!

The shoes. See the shoes? To die for, right?

Well, I was at Goodwill in Westport, Connecticut looking for some wicker baskets to spray paint and I saw them and took a look. I'm pretty sure they'd never been worn. Maybe once. Twice at most. The label. Not that it matters. Miu Miu. $65 baby. SCORE! My favorite summer shoes! (I am fashion blogger extraordinaire, am I not? Ok not!!)

Happy Wednesday!