The White Couch :: A Perfect Peace...

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Just as I am enamored with white jeans (see yesterday's piece,) I have a similar love affair with white couches. They're like white jeans, for your home! I really believe that they are perhaps the perfect piece. They bring simplicity, calm, balance and harmony to your space. 
This piece fits any home and any style - whether you're classic, a traditionalist, modern, edgy, casual or formal. The white couch fits into any setting. It's simple and yet sophisticated. I love the clean lines a white couch offers. I love these pieces, most, when placed against darker walls - I love the drama - the exaggeration of the look, but the white on white has a subtle elegance... a simple sophistication. As you look at the pictures below, you will notice that no matter the size or the style, the white couch really offers a perfect fit!

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What do you think... is the white couch for you?