Break the rules & paint your ceiling black!

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I'm a firm believer that rules are meant to be broken - they should be broken! I come from a line of female rule breakers... at least when it comes to decorating. It's so important, in decorating, as well as in life, to take a chance, to step out of that comfort zone and have some fun. And who made up that silly rule about ceilings? Why should my ceilings be white or pastel anyhow? It was believed that a dark ceiling would give the illusion of making a room seem shorter, smaller. And, to that I say two things. First, I say who cares? There's something so intimate, cozy and relaxing about a small space. And secondly I say hogwash! (Did I really actually use the word hogwash?)  They really don't. In fact when I look up at a dark ceiling, particularly a black one, I see no end... Much like looking up into the endless sky at night, which is really a marvelous thing to look at. 

I love walking into a home that has an air of surprise or whimsy - a home that's gutsy, elegant, daring, dramatic and different... That's exactly what a black ceiling conveys. 

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Would you consider painting your ceiling black?