Hey Toto, I Have a Feeling We Aren't in Kansas Anymore!

A massive storm came through yesterday afternoon... torrential rains, howling winds that had the tallest, sturdiest trees bowing almost to the ground, and... a tornado devastated the city of Bridgeport yesterday, knocking down brick buildings, flipping cars and trucks over onto their sides on I-95! It was something else! Or so I have heard from others. We are without cable/internet/phone and power. I am at my local Border's charging my phone and computer (and checking email and checking into Facebook, of course!) I have no idea how long we will be disconnected from the world -- which is a hard thing for this internet-addict! The kids and I are headed out of town again, to Newport again, where I still won't have much access to the internet. How will this girl cope?

At least I have a few bottles of red wine on the counter... I don't need to open the fridge to access them and risk spoiling everything inside! Because if I can't get on the internet I should at least be able to have my glass of malbec at the end of the day. Shouldn't I?!

Note: There is a man sitting across from me working on his computer... he is laughing at me and my children who are wining about having to go to the beach today... Poor, poor kids... life is tough, ain't it? They are building with straws and coffee stirrers as though they are Tinker Toys. Rebecca made herself a fishing rod and she almost hooked the man's computer! Hell-o! Children, BEHAVE! And I could just die of embarrassment!