A real, live Jewish American Princess!

I've been spending the past few days transcribing my grandmother's fabulous stories for the memoir. In one chapter she talks about her own Grandmother, Jessie, after whom I was named. She was incredibly close to this grandmother. When La Jolie Grandmere moved to the United Kingdom she started to research our family history. She located my great great grandmother's birth certificate and even went to visit her grandmother's childhood home, Kingsgate Castle. The above photo shows the "house" when it was a single family home. Years ago it was turned into apartments.

From my grandmother's writings:

"Gramma spent part of her youth in a castle in Kent called "Kingsgate Castle." It is near Ramsgate on the English Channel. I went to see it one grey day. Although it has been made into apartments, it is well maintained and a handsome crenelated edifice, but alas has no towers. From the large terrace in back there is a perpendicular drop to the swirling, grey waters of the channel. It looked threatening. I wouldn't like to live like that."

I found the image of the castle easily on the internet. Gotta love modern technology! My mother is currently researching, locating old birth and death certificates of Jessie's parents to find out when exactly, and for how long they did live in Kingsgate.

I thought it was pretty fun and neat and wanted to share with you all!

And now when my husband accuses me of acting all Princess-y, I can tell him I have reason to!