Vaseline and Sharpie Save This Fashionista's Day!

I have these boots. They're my favorite boots. They're not terribly expensive, nor for that matter were they terribly inexpensive. I do love them. They have a low, one inch heel and have a silver buckle along the back of the heel. They look great with paired with skirts as well as with jeans. They've got a horsey kind of feel to them. As I said they are my favorites. I love them! My husband bought them a few months after Alexander was born. I was in that lovely "in between" stage. Not back into my regular clothes and not in pregnancy clothes. I was feeling a bit bah humbug-ish and we were at a lovely boutique shoe store in Westport that sells both children's as well as adult shoes. I remember picking up a pair of shoes for Rebecca. I'm fussy about children's school shoes. Especially Marry Janes. They have to have a classic feel to them, if you know what I mean. And so many of today's are just, well, wrong. And also I feel that little girl's Mary Janes should not have a heel on them, especially when worn as a school shoe. So that's why we were there. As I was sitting with the children he sauntered over with a lovely black boot in his hand. "These are really nice," he said to me. I agreed. "Do you want them?"

We don't typically buy things for practically no reason. It's not like the old days, for us, with two incomes and no kids and plenty of trips to JCrew and Williams-Sonoma. So I was rather surprised by his generous offer. And the boots indeed were lovely. The boots indeed are lovely, only they really need to visit the cobbler.

I haven't worn them yet this winter and I have been dying to do so! I do love my black suede boots with the 3 inch heel, but those are not practical when running errands all day... when toting a 4 year old and bags and bags hanging off your arms. And the are not practical on the ice. What I really need to do is to get the boots to the cobbler and get the heel fixed. But the cobbler is about 20 minutes away and not near anyplace I need to be at this point in time.

So this morning I had on my black velvet swing coat with the Peter Pan collar, an old faded pair of jeans and what I really wanted to wear were my Favorite Boots. (I love nothing more than to dress up a pair of jeans with pearls and velvet this time of year!) I picked the boots up and held them gently, tenderly.

And off we went in search of the Vaseline and a black Sharpie. I found the Vaseline first. Using an old rag I dipped it into the Vaseline and then rubbed the petroleum jelly all over my boots. How they shined, even the toe that a moment ago had seemed quite scuffed up! Next I had to fix the piece of leather that had ripped away from the heel. I got my Sharpie and colored in the area where the leather broke free. After inspection I declared my Favorite Boots wearable!

To the naked eye no one would be able to tell my handiwork! They still need to get to a cobbler but indeed I will be able to wear them over the next couple of weeks. After the holidays I will have them properly restored.

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