Can you believe...

I don't want to kill them yet?

Before you go and report me to CPS and have me arrested like that German lady who wanted to sell her kids on eBay (and don't you for one moment think I haven't wanted to do that) I am speaking figuratively (for the time being, at least) and not literally!

So we have been out of school for 1 week, 2 days and 6 hours (but no one is counting) and so far I haven't gotten too annoyed with them. Have only wanted to throttle two of them -- and only 1 time a piece. Have only wanted to slap one little toosh for trying to deconstruct the stereo system!

Now that same little devil is playing with the broken Roomba. Gee, wonder how it got broken in the first place?! It'd sure be nice to have that in working order and have my house all swept up while I slept. My cleaning fairy is not working. Perhaps we'll get a new one and while we are at it we can get a Scooba as well! Imagine waking up every morning to freshly vacuumed and mopped floors! It would almost make me forget to yell at the kids to wipe their feet when they come in from outside.

I digress again... so here we are day 9 of summer vacation and everything is moving along swimmingly. I have had the kids busy and out of the house (really no better way to go!) or else they have had friends here. Notsobad either. Anything to avoid the "Mom, I'm bored" whines that so easily escape my kids lips.

My kids have no reason to be bored. My kids don't really know what being bored is all about. They have toys. Oodles of toys. And, like it or not, they have each other. They have paper and pens and crayons and markers. They have puzzles and games. They have indoor toys and outdoor toys. They have books. And if that's not good enough there is laundry to wash and fold and put away. There are boxes to unpack still and copper and silver to polish. (Oh God, I am my mother.)

I saw Christopher about to mutter that deadly "I'm bored" phrase. I had just told him to turn off the TV. That damned TV that has robbed him of intellect and creativity. (Oh God here we go again. Shut up, Mother, shut up!!!) Christopher, luckily came to his senses and decided to take a little walk down the driveway with the little red wagon to get the recycling bins. On his way back up (while fighting with his brother as to who was going to actually get to pull the wagon) Christopher saw our neighbor hitting balls with his bat. Christopher said hello and any opportunity for boredom was immediately averted! As soon as Robbie arrived the squirt guns came out and the sprinkler came on in full force. There was laughter and shouting and fun to be had!

Meanwhile Rebecca was off at her Grandmother's house for an overnight with her cousin. They had gone to see Sleeping Beauty (the ballet) at Lincoln Center which was followed by dinner and shopping at the American Girl Place. She has been there all day. (A good thing. She is not a big fan of Robbie's, at the moment.)

And how does Alexander feel about having his brother and sister home for the summer? Well, yesterday he asked if we could go to school. I asked him if he wanted to go to Mrs. Shannon's classroom (where he will be in the Fall) and he said "No, I want to take Rebecca and Christopher back!"