I've been wrongly accused...

My dear friend Kimmy accused me, publicly on her blog http://lilweeimsteroo.blogspot.com/
-- for the whole world to see -- of being SuperMom. I want to say, right off the bat that I want to set the record straight... I am by no means SuperMom. I do not want to say SuperMom doesn't exist because she does. I think she embodies a little bit of all of us. I do not think that SuperMom is one person but a composite of every mother out there.

My dear friend Kimmy has done many things that I could not do if I tried. She relocated herself to be with her husband to live in a very foreign land where they speak a very foreign language. She has none of the creature comforts of home and she never complains. I could never do this. (I do complain many times a day, btw) she does everything she can to conserve energy and be kind to mother nature. She uses cloth diapers on her babies and wouldn't dare feed her children half the crap I have. She would, if she could milk her own cow for her own cheese and yoghurt (that's how she spells it!) and she would grow her own wheat too if she could. My kids waste water and electricity. (No matter how often I tell them to turn off the water while brushing or the lights not in use, they do not listen.) I am responsible for clogging our landfills one Pamper at a time. (There have been quite a few over the course of 9 years.)

Contrary to what she says I do not prepare every meal from scratch nor do my kids get freshly baked chocolate chip cookies every day. I try to buy local and organic but many an m&m or Oreo has snuck into this house.

Contrary to what my friend thinks, I am lazy. I hate emptying the dishwasher and the laundry baskets which fill daily. I hate bathing the kids and making the beds. I just do it and complain all along the way. I do what I have to do to be a good mother... yes, I bake and play and create and do lots of stuff... but I am running out of steam and fast.

My energy is waning. I am always tired and irritable. I have not slept through the night in two and half years, as a result my patience in thin and my temper is hot. Not a good combination. I yell. I yell at the kids a lot. I get sore throats a lot and I loose my voice a lot. My daughter tells her brother that she hates him and that he is stupid and an idiot. She has said that she wished he was never born and didn't live here. Gee, that makes me so NOT the SuperMom. She has also told me that things were better before "the baby" was born. Sinking deeper and deeper into a hole here, my friends. So basically I am an overtired mom with bickering and unhappy kids. I am not sure how I ever radiated such positive vibes.

I push myself to my limits every day. Instead of crying or complaining I try to joke about the situation or make light of it. There is not enough time for all my children and there is no way to make all three happy.

It's 6:00pm, my husband is away -- he hasn't been here much lately -- and I am wondering how on earth I am going to make it until 8:30... I screwed up today by getting a Birthday party wrong. Christopher was invited to C's little sister's Birthday party at the Aquarium. We never received a formal invitation -- just word of mouth, and then a confirmation -- and so I called the Aquarium today to verify the time. They checked on the list and confirmed the time. They just never confirmed the day?! So we got to the Aquarium to learn that there was no party at all. The older two wanted to leave and Alexander was beside himself with grief over not being able to see the fishies. Still convinced I am a great mom?

Now I am on the computer ignoring my children because I am worn out. In the hour we have been home Alexander has had about 5 tantrums, peed in his pants, poured water out all over the coffee table, broken a pair of his brother's sunglasses... he won't do anything I ask and now he's crying over his spilled water. I have no idea what I said to mislead my friend into thinking I was SuperMom.