A Little Girl's Dream Come True!

(That's my kid in the middle with hair in her face
with her friend R and cousin B)
Rebecca has been fascinated with American Idol since she was in Kindergarten. This year she had a favorite almost from the beginning. (She would say she was no fan of Sanjaya... but we all beg to differ!) Her true favorite and idol was a young girl (I think she is 16) named Jordin Sparks. I have to admit this kid is talented. She is wholesome and clean and with the Britney debaucle and all the other misguided teen celebrities I was happy to see Rebecca truly enjoying someone with good, wholesome values. Her singing was not bad either! Needless to say Rebecca was thrilled when she won!

Last year we went, en famille, to the American Idols tour. Christopher and I thought it was awfully loud -- could have been the speakers in our eardrums -- and while I enjoyed some of it I really had NO (read NO!) desire to see it again. So when Rebecca wanted to go with her cousin I was thrilled with the prospect that my sister in law would go with Don and I would stay home with the boys. Well it turned out that her cousin could go but her mother could not. What to do? I really, and I mean REALLY did not want to go to a concert that was LOUD with even louder tweenyboppers shrieking all night long. Finally, and I mean FINALLY I was able to convince Don that the ticket would be much better off with one of Rebecca's friends, someone who would actually enjoy the show. Why waste money on me and a sitter? So Don saw the light and let Rebecca bring along her friend R.

Picture this, my husband and three pre-Tweens at a concert... three screaming shrieking at the concert. Now picture my husband with three screaming shrieking in their brand new Jordin Sparks T-shirts. Maybe it was that the girls were all so gosh darned cute, or maybe it was because the brave soul of a father would dare attend an American Idols concert with three pre-Tweens... Whatever it was they attracted the attention of someone -- a woman waving to Don, desperately trying to get his attention. She got it and went over to talk to him, identified herself as Jordin Sparks grandmother and gave them all backstage passes! As if the screaming shrieking girls were loud a few minutes ago, the noise rose a few decibals. They were absolutely beside themselves!

After the show they all went to go meet Jordin. Unfortunately her great grandmother was gravely ill in the hospital and she decided to take off early. Jordin's grandmother felt horribly and knew how the girls were counting on seeing her and came out with an autographed copy of a photograph for each girl. Sadly, Rebecca was not able to meet her true Idol, but did not complain when Sanjaya (Boy he's skinny, Mom!), Phil Stacy, Melinda Doolittle, Chris Richarson, and Blake Lewiss signed her shirt!