An Interesting Thing About my Kitchen Sink...

I learned, at a very young age, that money does not grow on trees. I learned that while the earth is made up of mostly water there are water shortages everywhere. We use too much electricity and we cannot generate enough power. We waste too much gas (petrol) and we have not enough of that either. It seems we are suffering shortages of everything these days. In the winter we have not enough flu vaccines. In the summer we have not enough ozone and therefore we will die a little bit every time we step outside. Can't stay inside because we use too much electricity that we do not have enough of. We are killing ourselves and our earth.

Well, I for one, have an overabundance of something and I can not get rid of no matter how hard I try. No, not my midsection, thank you! What I am referring to is my kitchen sink. Okay, not my sink per say, but the contents inside the sink. I think my mugs were rabbits in a past life. In fact so were my cups, bowls, plates, silverware... you name it, it multiplies.

I just don't get it. I hate a full sink. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Every time I get up and find something in the sink I give it a quick rinse and put it in the dishwasher. So, if I am always getting up and emptying out the sink -- usually a mug (or two or three or four) and a glass (or two or three or four) why is there something in the sink the minute I turn my back on it? I just don't get it. How do all these items find their way back in there? I figure that if I emptied out the sink that would be the end of the story. But that is just not the case in this house. Perhaps we have a Sink Ghost. That has to be it. How else would stuff magically appear in the large off white porcelain hole? The off white porcelain hole that I hate? It shows more dirt in a morning than my 2 year old's hands do at the end of the day. When I move out of this Crazy Crowded House I will be delighted to part with my Crazy Crowded Sink! Let someone else deal with her. I for one can not. I just can not keep up. There are five of us in this Crazy Crowded House and yet there are, daily, more dirty dishes than the Marriott Hotel has just up the road.

I think my sink is doing a disservice to me and, frankly, to our environment our lovely Mother Earth. If she would quit making so many dishes we would waste less water and use less energy. I would have more time on my hands to waste.

It doesn't help that my husband sometimes forgets where the dishwasher is. It does not help that sometimes in addition to our Sink Ghost (or is it a Dish Ghost?) he comes down stairs with several days worth of coffee mugs -- some still half full with a grayish matter across the top and a lovely ring on the inside -- and several days worth of glasses that seem to pile up on top of whatever is already multiplying in the sink that I must spend a greater portion of my day rinsing, and emptying. And when the sink fills and empties with such a feverish pace so does the dishwasher. And frankly, in my book, there is no chore more dreaded than the tedious one of emptying the "dish" as we refer to our white, almost 10 year old Maytag. I suppose my family can attest to why the Maytag Man has nothing to do. The dishwasher is indestructible and ever so reliable. (Not a good thing for me though.) You see, if the white Maytag was out of order for even 24 hours I would be a free woman. I would insist the kids and the spouse re-use the same cups all day - not plates or utensils... I am too lazy and they would not do a good enough job washing so I would use paper and plastic. So sue me, I know those aren't good for Mother Earth either, but at least I would get some sort of break. For me, and many moms out there I am sure, it's all about getting a break here and there... and maybe some nice flowers too... and a bottle of wine... and a shower... Now I am getting ahead of myself.

So the next time my husband asks what I have done all day, and I tell him the dishes, I hope he has managed to read this post and see how draining doing the dishes really is... and takes me out to dinner!