Come see what's in store at JmcLaughlin Westport!

One of the things I love about working at JMAC part-time is that there is always something new ... clothes,  decor, visuals... Spring is truly in the air in the museum-like Westport store. The Equestrian and Workshop sections have been dismantled and replaced with an artist's studio and a bike shop! To say the store visuals are wonderful, creative and charming is one thing, but to come in to appreciate them in person is truly something else. I urge you all to stop by!

While the Connecticut weather still is frightful,
the inside of the JmcLaughlin store is delightful!

Tee time?
Or perhaps you would prefer it to be tea time? 

Welcome to the artist's studio!

There's that bamboo clutch again... I should just buy it... shouldn't I?!

PVE's wonderful and whimsical illustrations on the drafting table...
be sure to get a good look! 

Not to forget the men in your life!

The perfect shorts for an afternoon bike ride!

For my boys... Mini Macs!!
They'll be the best dressed kids on the beach in Newport this summer

It's in the bag... now just you wait until you see all the wonderful bags waiting for you!

 If by chance you cannot make it into the store... let's say you've broken both your legs... or you live in Indianapolis or Dallas or la Jolla you can always visit the company's website which has just been revamped and is better than ever!