Why black and white will always be the perfect color pair in any home...

I love color. I adore color. I have had homes where every room is drenched in color - some vibrant and bold, others softer, warm, and soothing. And while I do I love to play around with color, I adore the simplicity, elegance and ease of black and white. I adore the flexibility of black and white. The combination is perfect for all - no matter the income, size of home, decorating taste, style and budget. Whether starting out for the very first time, transitioning to a larger home, a second home, or even downsizing, there's no space that doesn't work well in black and white. Whether your tastes are sophisticated or simple, bold, minimalist, eclectic, modern or more  traditional, there's something about this perfect pairing that suits everyone.  For those who struggle with color, this takes the guesswork out of the equation, without being colorless. For those who embrace color, it can always be added in with accessories. With black and white anything goes - it's like the little black dress for the home!