This Holiday Season Decorate your Home Naturally, with Pomegranates

I've fallen in love with the pomegranate. I love it for its beauty - its color and for the wonderful fruit-filled seeds that burst in your mouth when you bite into them, that add color and flavor to your favorite beverages, foods and snacks. The fruit itself so simple and yet so sophisticated and can add so much to your holiday decor, both on the table and around your home.

We've seen so much done with cranberries over the years, but I think it's time to save those little red berries for the sauce that accompanies the turkey and that we take a new look at the pomegranate. 

I've always been a fan of decorating, regardless of season, with the things found in nature, that lie just beyond our front door steps and with items that we can find at the grocery store and farmer's market. Make use of those twigs and pine cones, sea shells and river rocks. As long as these items reflect your environment and lifestyle they will blend beautifully with your holiday decor. With a quick trip to the grocery store, the next time you fill your cart with fruit, toss a few pomegranates in for good measure. Natural decor is great. Edible decor is even better! 

Below are some of many wonderful ideas in which to incorporate your pomegranates... from wreaths, to simple place settings, to simple arrangements on tables, mantels and wooden bowls... To dress them up a bit you can spray paint them or apply metallic leaf to them (I would shy away from eating those though!) How else would you incorporate pomegranates into your home decor? 

 Image via  House and Home

Image via House and Home

 Image via  Martha Stewart

Image via Martha Stewart

 Image via  Midwest Homes

Image via Midwest Homes

 Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

 Image via  Soulouposeto

Image via Soulouposeto

 via  Weddywood
 via Pinterest. (Site has been taken down)

via Pinterest. (Site has been taken down)