Easter Egg Recipe Roundup :: Creative and good for you recipes

via Yummy Mummy
Easter is over. The eggs have been colored, hidden and hopefully found. Now what to do with all those hard boiled eggs? We love egg salad, sliced egg sandwiches and Deviled Eggs but sometimes we get bored of the same old, same old... I've rounded up a few fresh ideas to inspire you to use up those eggs and not let them go to waste. What I like most is that these are healthy ideas that will help us keep our girlish figures!

With Style and Grace twists up your traditional egg salad by adding avocado, lime and cilantro - a dash of salt and pepper completes these fulfilling little treats.

Paula Dean kicks hers up with a BLT twist - fresh parsley, tomatoes and bacon will make these Deviled Eggs even more devilish!

Girl Makes Food adds carrots, avocado, cucumber and tomatoes to her eggs to give them a refreshing bite. This can be a satisfying lunch, a hearty snack or a great accompaniment to a fish or chicken dinner.

Bev Cooks has this amazing crab salad with celery on her blog. To me this says less Easter and more Summertime on the shore of the New England Coast! Bring on the summer... and bring me a large bowl of this too, please!

I adore a good salade Nicoise... They always bring me back to my childhood summers in the South of France. A traditional Nicoise is made from canned tuna,  (in oil - you will taste the difference, trust me!) tomatoes, green beans, Nicoise olives,  (though Kalamata will do) potatoes and hard boiled egg. There are many variations. Some prefer to use a fresh seared tuna or a piece of fresh salmon. Nom Nom Paleo creates another version and uses crab meat instead. You can use your eggs in a heart Chef or Cobb Salad, or top off a Caesar salad with egg instead of chicken. Or add the cooked yolk of an egg to your basic vinaigrette - It works as an emulsifier.

Chopped scallions, chives, black sesame seeds and a sweet and sour marinade is one Polish blogger's creative take on our traditional egg salad recipe. Via Kwestia Smacku

If you missed it yesterday you've got to check out my recipe for Hard Boiled Egg Chocolate Chip Cookies... They are really quite egg-septional! ;)