National (Eat) Something on a Stick Day

Who would ever have imagined a National Something on a Stick Day. Truly, there is a day for everything! But in the spirit of this wacky day, why not celebrate? Why not celebrate tonight and make dinner more fun. Almost anything and everything can, in some form, be served on a stick. From veggies to pasta, it really all is possible. Surprise the family tonight with a little light hearted fun and have them all eat with sticks! Some fun ideas to inspire you are as follows:

Any meat, whether chicken, pork, veal or lamp can be cooked, served and eaten on a stick. Shish-kabobs consist of all sorts of proteins and chickens and are fun to eat. Kids especially love them. Our family adores a good Chicken Satay. For the recipe pictured above, visit Recipe Tin Eats.  

Colin Cowie is indeed imaginative and clever. I adore these little meatball bites he created for a wedding. As is meatballs aren't already fun enough to eat, these can be served to children as well as to adults at a sophisticated event. They're pure perfection! Don't eat red meat or meat? Substitute your favorite turkey or veggie burger recipe. Recipe via Colin Cowie Weddings

Another great and idea are antipasta kabobs. Also great for both winter and summer entertaining as they're easy to serve and eat, whether at the beach, poolside or casually in front of the fire. Inspired by Charm shares her ideas.

Bite sized sandwiches on a stick. You can't go wrong! Here we have mini BLTs on Sourdough courtesy of Return to Sunday Supper, but any sandwich will do. Some other favorites include: Pb&j, chicken salad, turkey or turkey club, ham and Swiss, ham and Brie, mini Cubans, mini sliders, mini grilled cheese ... really any kind you want!

How clever is this Iceberg wedge on a stick? Maybe, just maybe, this will entice those non veggie lovers? Hop on over to allrecipes for directions.

Shrimp and chorizo is one of my favorites. Stick a skewer in it and you've got a lovely hor d'oeuvre. Recipe via Babble.

Cool as a cuke. Cucumbers and smoked salmon are always a favorite. Easy to prepare, eat and serve, these delectable little treats perfectly fit any holiday party menu or garden party treat. Image via Baker by Nature.

Kabobs don't have to always be meat. Vegetables are a favorite of mine to grill up and "spear" and salmon is solid and fatty enough as a fish that it holds up well to cook this way as well. This is a great idea for those who try to observe a Meatless Monday.

Above I introduced the idea of the iceberg wedge on a stick, but Caesar salad works perfectly well for this too. 

For something a little bit sweeter with a hint of saltiness, watermelon and feta bites can be placed on toothpicks and served up with ease quite elegantly. Image via BuzzFeed

As though I need an excuse to eat sweets! A small slice of frozen key lime pie that has been dipped in chocolate and served on a popsicle stick makes for a pretty presentation! Idea via Desserts for Two. Yes, the pie does need to be frozen otherwise it will simply fall apart and make a mess all over the place. 

I hope this has given you some inspiration...  I say put a stick in it... it will taste better!