Happy National Chocolate Day!

 Image via Williams-Sonoma

Image via Williams-Sonoma

Imagine a day for chocolate! Imagine a day for chocolate lovers! Imagine a day for... Me! It's like Thanksgiving, but better. It's like Christmas, but better! It's like Thanksgiving and Christmas and my Birthday all rolled into one! Every year, National Chocolate Day takes place on October 28th. Like clockwork. Or is it calendarwork?! Who creates these days? Can you just declare a day out of the blue and call it whatever you wish? Can I do this too? (Note to self: See if there's such a thing as National Wine Day.)  

These divine looking decadent morsels are dairy and flour-free. Made from chocolate and egg-whites these gooey meringues are practically good for you! Visit Food.com for the recipe.

Gabby of What's Gabby Cooking has these chocolate Brigadeiro, Brazillian bon-bons. Made of just cocoa powder, condensed milk and butter, these little bites couldn't be easier to make. Hop on over to her blog for the recipe.

Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, these chocolate covered oranges are practically healthy! Add the sea-salt to add more depth to your flavor palate or leave the salt off. Chocolate and orange is my absolute favorite combination. Don't care for mandarins, clementines or other orange citrus, dip strawberries, bananas, even green apples in chocolate. Hop on over to The Comfort of Cooking for the recipe.

Dear Barefeet in the Kitchen,
I think I love you. I know I love orange and chocolate. I know I love ice cream. I know I'm going to love your Dark Chocolate Orange Ice Cream. In fact, I'm going to pop over for the recipe as soon as I'm done with this!

Gabby's up to it again with this Salted Chocolate Tart with Kettle Chip Crust. Is this not like the ultimate period food? Chocolate and salt - smooth and crunchy? Gabby, I think I love you too! And btw, that was meant as a total compliment!

Half Baked Harvest has these divine (intervention) brownies on her site. She calls them Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Brownies. I may call her God. She says that sometimes needs a little milk chocolate. Sometimes? I say, like, all the time!

Oh Fudge! Here's another recipe I will just have to try! (Or maybe I will have one of my off-springs try making these for me) It looks simple enough... I love fudge! Hope on over to Kitchme's recipe for Old Fashioned Fudge. 

So what do you think? Are you ready to celebrate National Chocolate Day with me?