14 Adorable treats for Halloween for kids from 0 to 99!

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I think that Halloween has gotten much too gorey over the past few years. Scary is one thing, gorey is something else entirely. Whether you have young kids at home, in your neighborhood or simply would rather do without all the blood and gore, following are some clever alternative ideas that you can serve for dinner on Halloween night, for a party or simply for fun. Most of the ideas shown below are relatively simple and easy to prepare at the last minute. The above owl is from Better Homes and Gardens. Click here for recipe and instructions. 

Not Martha came up with the charming Tentacle Pot Pies. With a little creativity, some imagination and a sheet of store-bought pie crust, these Tentacle Pot Pies were born. Skip on over, and Not Martha explains just what she did to make these.

Turn a tulip shaped cookie cutter upside-down and you'll have an adorable little ghost!

These adorable monster sandwiches are sure to delight! To learn how to make them visit My Own Road.

Little clementines make for some cute candy-filled Jack-O-Lanterns

I can't tell if these adorable creations are monsters or snowmen - But I think they'd be perfect on any Halloween table. I found the image on Tumblr with no recipe or directions, but you can use a rice mold or your hands to create the shapes you desire. Place your figures in a soup bowl and fill with your favorite soup.

Sometimes the best things are those that are the most simple. That's why this snake really takes the cake. Created by the folks over at Country Living. Hop on over to their website for a template and step-by-step directions.

This adorably spooky Halloween bark can be found at Just a Taste.

Fountain Avenue Kitchen will show you how to make these adorable stuffed peppers. Little ones (and medium and big ones too!) will squeal with delight.

These adorable monster s'mores tell us too things - Monsters can be cute and s'mores can last well past summer! Hop on over to Say Yes to for more on these!

These little Tootsie Pop ghosts could not be more simple to make. Cheesecloth or any white fabric remnant cut into squares, tied on with thin satin ribbon on orange and black, with eyes drawn on with a black Sharpie marker is all you'll need to create these crowd pleasers. Great for the younger set, whether for a class party, home party or a treat on Halloween. Everyone loves a Tootsie Pop... and they're nut-free! Image via Flickr.

These, in my opinion, are pure genius! These mushroom-filled madeira wontons are just so clever. Think of all the fun things you can do with food coloring, rubber stamps and a little imagination. Fore more on this, as well as the recipe for the wontons, go pay a visit to Hungry Happenings. 

These adorable multi-colored googly-eyed treats are the brainchild of Lil'Luna. Hop on over to her website to learn how to make these Gooey Eyed Monsters.

Some black pipe cleaner, google eyes, a glue gun and a bag of Tootsie Pops are the types of spiders Miss Muffet happens to love!