Simply Delicious :: Chicken Cordon Bleu en Phyllo

Chicken Cordon Bleu en Phyllo

Simply delicious = simple + delicious. Sometimes the best ideas come from mistakes or a last minute decision to try something new on a whim and a prayer. Not that this was new. Not that it had never been done, but I was trying to come up with something a bit more interesting than sandwiches for the children. They tire of sandwiches, especially since that's what they have for lunch 5 days a week. But that's what I had with very little desire to cook anything for their lunch. It was a rainy Saturday and I'd spent the morning cleaning, doing laundry and making the Apple Cinnamon Pull-Apart Bread. (See post below) My sink was piled high with dishes and baking equipment - all commanding my attention. Counter-tops were covered with flour and powdered sugar. The last thing I wanted to do was add to the already huge mess. But I still needed to feed the children (15, 13, and 9), fairly quickly and I wanted to give them something more exciting than a sandwich - they've become quite the foodies in their own right. And so my "Chicken Cordon Bleu en Phyllo" was created - and was sensational! 

I had some Pepperidge Farm phyllo dough in the fridge that I had removed from the freezer a couple of days earlier. I was going to use them for something apple-y... But I was drawn to it and knew that this would be used for their lunch. I unfolded the dough and placed it on a cookie sheet... I found myself spreading mustard all over it, adding cheese, some Black Forest ham, some roasted Chicken and some Swiss Cheese. I then rolled the phyllo into a log, brushed the exterior with an egg wash and popped it into the oven. 20 minutes later our little chef d'oeuvre emerged, golden brown and piping hot! Phyllo dough is one of those items that should be in everyone's fridge or freezer. A couple of sheets of phyllo dough and the party can begin!


2 sheets puff pastry - we love Pepperidge Farm
2 slices, or more if desired, Swiss Cheese. American and Cheddar can also be substituted.
2 1/2 slices Black Forest ham
4 slices Oven Roast chicken
Mustard, enough to cover the phyllo
1 egg for egg wash


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.
Unfold the pastry sheets and lay them flat. Spread Dijon or any mustard over the top. Add the cheese, the chicken and the ham so that the entire surface is covered. Carefully lift one side and start rolling the dough and the contents. Place on a cookie sheet and gently brush with the egg wash.

To make the egg wash simply beat an egg with a fork or a whisk and brush the egg onto the phyllo dough with a pastry brush. If you have no pastry brush use a fork and try to cover the exterior as best you can. The egg wash will help the dough to brown.

Repeat with other pastry sheet.

Place the logs on a cookie sheet and into the oven for about 20 minutes. Check for doneness after 20 minutes, and keep in 5 more minutes if necessary. They should be a nice golden brown. When they are ready remove from oven and let them cool at least 10 minutes before slicing. 

These also make wonderful hors d'oeuvres - let cool at least 20 mins for hors d'oeuvres as slicing into thin strips will be easier and tidier. 

 Jessica Gordon Ryan

Jessica Gordon Ryan

 Jessica Gordon Ryan

Jessica Gordon Ryan

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