Divine Design Inspiration :: The American Flag

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I think there's nothing as beautiful as our flag. She is a symbol of our country and all that she stands for. She is a symbol of our freedom and all that we have, are and can be. She is magnificent when she billows in the wind. And she is equally as beautiful on the side of an old barn, garage or when swinging gracefully between two pillars on the side of a house. In my mind she is not only design inspiration, but design perfection. She is the perfect accompaniment to your decor no matter your style, no matter where you live, be it seaside, in the mountains, desert or grand city. Framed or unframed our flag takes center stage, capturing our attention - captivating us. She is so very simple and so very grand. 

In my boys' bedroom hangs a large antique linen flag - It was the perfect accessory for their room and brought the blues and reds together perfectly. It hangs over a bed near the window. It's Patriotic, American, and masculine. I was going to take a picture and post it here, but I opened the door, saw the mess, and promptly shut the door! 

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