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I recently spent a gorgeous May day in the city. We started with the wonderful Tony Award winning production of Beautiful, an incredible musical based on Carole King's life. When the show was over we headed over to the rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel which is located over the Highline, a linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the elevated former New York Central Railroad spur formerly known as the West Side Line. The Highline is a MUST see for all visitors. (I wrote about it here and here.) 

When I lived in the city, there was always the need to get away. It must explain as to why in the summertime, on the weekends, New York becomes awfully quiet as its residents take refuge upstate, in the Hamptons, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and beyond. Even though the hustle and bustle is invigorating, inspiring even, sometimes New Yorkers still need to have a quiet moment to get away from it all. A rooftop garden seems to be the perfect answer. Many boast plantings that are more than just greens and florals - but are home to productive vegetable gardens. Freshly grown in the city... City Farm to Fork... They have a certain ring to them, don't you think?! The ever popular movement of bringing the inside out, and creating outdoor living spaces is very much alive, well and thriving in the city. 

The Standard Hotel boast some of the most magnificent views. I snapped a couple with my phone.

Pardon the poor quality and reflection... I had to step back... I am just a little bit afraid of heights! What a clear and spectacular day it was. In the distance you are looking at the new Freedom Tower. If you look closely you can see an abundance of rooftop gardens, they've been cropping up all over the place. How fun to look down and see so much green in New York City! Although it is not visible in this picture, the building straight ahead with the large water tower has a playground on the lower level roof. I thought that was absolutely wonderful!

I call this one "A view from the loo!" Yes I was sitting! The bathrooms are tiny - airplane-sized. There's not much room to move around, but who needs to be able to move around when you have a view like this! You will notice more green rooftops in the distance. 

I hope you will find the images below inspiring.

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Mondrian SoHo

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Rooftop Gardens, Rizzoli

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If I had a rooftop garden and a view like this, I would never leave my home!