Stylish Notes on Decor :: Bunny Williams' Treillage, New York City

Located at 418 East 75th Street (between 1st and York Avenues) Treillage, owned by Bunny Williams and her husband, antiques dealer John Roselli, might be slightly off the beaten path, but all lovers of home decor must make a point to visit this delightful store. Bunny and John have carefully selected every item in the shop for every area of your home and garden, Treillage offers furniture, antiques, decor, lighting, and art. 

To walk through the doors of Treillage is more than simply walking into a store. It's like walking into an experience, with kind finds strategically placed in every nook and cranny, for as far as the eye can see. Carefully created vignettes carry you from one scene to another. The natural sunlight streams in through the the store's expansive skylights adding a sense of warmth and calm. A trip to Treillage is like going antiquing without any of the work or hassle - All the very best has already been hand-picked for you! 

On Friday March 21st, I was invited by Bunny Williams' publicist to visit Treillage to join a select group of designers and bloggers who were visiting New York as a part of Modenus' BlogTourNYC. If you recall, I was one of the lucky few to attend BlogTour London - which I wrote about in great length. This was simply an offer I could not pass up!

I was a few minutes late in joining the group with thanks to the ever tardy Metro North train lines. Bunny had already gathered everyone together to talk about her latest collaborations with Annie Selke's Dash and Albert rugs as well as her new outdoor furniture venture with Century Furniture. She was eager to tell us all about her new registry at Treillage. The renown designer also shared some advice for both the professional as well as the novice just setting up a home for the first time.

Most importantly, Bunny believes that you should finish what you start - Finish decorating one space before you move on to another. If you don't you'll tend never to complete a project and you may run the risk of not ever finishing up a room. Of course there's much more to share, but I must keep you coming back for more!

Meanwhile, won't you stroll through Treillage with me? Come see some of the many wonderful items she has in her store! And the registry I mentioned above, it's not just for weddings. You can create a wish list as well. I think I might. My Birthday is just two months away!

I hope I have convinced you to pay Treillage a visit!
They are located at 418 E. 75th St., New York, NY.
Their telephone number is: 212-535-2288