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Jay Jeffers' style has been described as fun, flirty and frisky, with a fearless and unique approach to mixing art and furnishings. He has also been described as daring, a risk taker and unconventional. Together, these attributes - his blending of vintage, antique and modern create what he describes as the "new" traditional. His spaces are both luxurious and liveable. Jay Jeffers is indeed Collected Cool.

In his new book, Collected Cool, just released by Rizzoli, Jeffers brings us into his world and the magical spaces he has created. In Collected Cool, Jeffers presents his most stunning projects divided into four groups: Collected Cool - captivating rooms that are thoughtfully layered, revealing themselves over time through myriad details; Bold Bespoke - interiors viewed through a sartorial lens with custom elements essential to their unique style; Unabashed Glamour - rooms that make an instant impression with luxe finishes, sumptuous materials and sparkle; and Casual Chic - comfortable but stylish spaces with a sense of ease. In each section we are given guidance for recreating the look in our own homes. Witty and exuberant, and filled with details on process, color, furniture and accessories, and a glimpse into his own homes, Collected Cool is an endless source of inspiration. 

"It's all in the mix. What applies to a fabulous dinner party, wardrobe or cocktail also holds true for interiors."

"People say that sometimes a cupcake is a vehicle for the icing. I think that sometimes a side table is a vehicle for the cool stuff that sits on top."

"David Hicks was the master of the tablescape. His work taught us so much about grouping accessories and being fearless about mixing sizes, shapes, colors and periods."

"I love a cocktail in the bedroom and a spa in the bath."

"A bedroom should always be a haven of comforting textures, from top to bottom."

"Accessorize, accessorize! Nothing looks more incomplete than a room with empty shelves."

"I truly believe that if you surround yourself with beauty you will be a happier person for it."

"A home to all things singular and luxurious, we designed Cavalier to be a space for those who take their pleasures seriously."

If you're lucky enough to be in the San Francisco area, you must stop Jeffers' shop, Cavalier.

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Collected Cool, published by Rizzoli, is currently available... run, or surf, on over to get your copy today!
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