Go ahead, be a wallflower :: 15 Reasons to rethink floral wallpaper

I've noticed many of yesterday's trends are returning, reinventing themselves for today's modern home. One such item to grace the pages of top shelter magazines, websites and well designed homes is floral wallpaper. Today's florals are bold and striking, a far cry from what granny had in her home!

When one thinks of floral paper, images of delicate and pristine little flowers often come to mind with reference to the days of Laura Ashley and the home on the range, country flair. Or one thinks of papers decades old, stained from years of living, perhaps tattered, perhaps yellowing and peeling at the edged. I think of small English cottages lived in by little old ladies. I think of my first home when I couldn't wait to remove the outdated botanical images from my walls and replace them with several coats of brightly colored paint. There was, for a while, an anti wall paper movement of which I was very much a part of. After scraping down walls for what seemed to be an endless amount of time, I vowed never ever to do so again. And as I've learned, one should never say never. Luckily today's papers are easier to remove. Their acrylic coating which makes them scrubbable also quickly absorbs today's non-toxic strippers, which makes removing them much less of a hassle. 

As with everything in the worlds of fashion and decor, what goes around comes around. Though florals have been blossoming for several years now, they're currently in the forefront, making a grand statements in the most well designed homes.

Today's prints are often bold, bright - they make a statement and take center stage. They are very much the focal point around which the rest of the set (home) design evolves. Some are quiet and understated yet many are commanding. Suitable for every space, these pretty, but by no means delicate, floral papers are found in all areas of the home.  

And so, have I swayed you? Have you changed your mind in regards to floral wall paper? Could you see any of these designs in your own home? 

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