What's the newest shift in fashion? Dresses? Pants? Both!

Fashion is never constant. It's constantly evolving, refining, and always borrowing and often improving from the past. From the runway to the streets I've been noticing a shift toward wearing dresses over pants. While it may sound silly, even confusing to some, it's a look that when done properly can look refined, sophisticated and effortless. This look transcends your wardrobe's functionality, giving your garments a greater range of wear; from casual to elegant, from day to night this pairing seems to be what every girl's wardrobe needs. Additionally, this look works well in every season and can help bridge your wardrobe from one season to the next.

How are these being paired? We're seeing long dresses and thigh-skimming shifts worn with pants in all sorts of styles from skinny, to cigarette to those more full in form. This is a look that is easy to create and pull off, however, by that same token, it's also a look that can look terribly wrong when not done properly. Stick to like items. For example do not pair a short evening dress with a pair of jeans and expect to be taken seriously!

What do you think? Is this something you think you could pull off?
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