Stylish Notes on Fashion & Decor :: The Color Purple + 13 reasons for loving it

I've recently started watching The Good Wife. It's free for all Amazon Prime members. There are 5 seasons currently streaming, which means for those of us who like to binge on our favorite series, we are in for a treat. The 6th season is about to air and so I must set my DVR and prepare to record so that when I can no longer fuel my addiction on Prime, I will have another source.

According to Vogue  this well written, well acted, intellectual legal/drama with its host of incredible stars is the most underrated series on television. I have to agree. And I have to wonder why. But this piece is not about a television show you really must check out, but about the color purple. And you may be wondering what the two have in common, but if you've watched any of the first season you will know just what I am refering to - The color purple, of course. It's hard not to notice. Everyone's wearing it. The lawyers, the children, the clients. The men and the women. We even see the color work its way into the homes on the set. Surely this cannot be a coincidence. The color purple symbolizes power, nobility, luxury and ambition. 

Now, I cannot help but notice the color purple all around me this fall. I wonder if it is pure coincidence. Pictured immediately below is an ad for Bloomingdales. The one color everyone is wearing? Purple. It seems purple is all over the place - and it's not my imagination. I popped on over to ElleDecor to see, if by chance, there may be a picture of something, anything purple, and the page I landed on featured the bright purple orchid colored closet of a London townhouse. I scrolled through the rest of the pictures of the townhouse and saw a dining room table dressed in - a purple print Tory Burch table cloth. And so it can't be in my imagination and purple must really be en vogue this fall.

Above images: 1, Bloomingdales 2,3 ElleDecor

I did some online window shopping to see what other purple wonders I could find.  There were so many choices - and so many fun and wonderful choices. Click on any of the images below for a larger version and description

And so there it is, lovely, lush, luxe and creative. The color purple - in all hues and shades - is a warm and sophisticated addition to any fall wardrobe or home decor.