22 Things I wish I had known at 21...


Take chances

You'll regret those not taken.

via Kate Spade



Travel far and travel often. Learn about other people's cuisines and cultures. You'll treasure these memories forever and you'll learn how to work well with others whose views may not be like your own.


Find your passion and own it

It doesn't matter what it is - running, cooking, painting, writing... Keep at it and make it yours. I hate to see people without any passion in them.


Learn to trust your instincts

They will take you far my friend. They will bring you to good places and steer you away from the bad ones. To truly trust them takes some practice.


Act confidently even if you don't feel it


Lack of confidence shows. Even if you're having a moment and feeling particularly weak or insecure fake your confidence. You'll be so glad you did. Confidence is like a smile. It brings out your natural beauty!


Respect your elders and learn from them

Listen to your elders, learn from them and use that knowledge wisely. It will take you far in life.


Act confident, not cocky

There is a huge difference between the two. Be sure you understand it.


Don't ever feel entitled

You deserve nothing unless you work really, really hard for it. Good fortune and luck may come your way but rarely does it fall from the sky onto your lap.


Don't be afraid to fail. You will never succeed if you do


Don't regret chances not taken because you were too scared to try. Get out there and give it your all. Even if you fall flat on your ass you'll be glad you did. Rarely do we regret the opportunities we've taken, but often we regret those not taken. Failure is simply a lesson that was learned.


Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Don't feel too proud to ask for help. All the great success stories started because of some help from someone along the way.


Don't be afraid to ask for favors.

People are usually more than happy to help. You can always return a favor. Don't ask don't get. Doesn't get any simpler than that!


Fall. Fall often and hard.

I believe in falling. It's the best way to learn - it's the best way to see what you're made of and how strong you really are.... You're much stronger than you think. Trust me! After you fall, wipe yourself off and get right back up!


Fall in love.

Fall hard and fall often until you find the one you want to marry. I believe that it is better to have found love and lost it than to have never found it at all.


Be grateful and gracious

Always. Even on your worst day.


Sleep well, eat well and exercise. Take care of your mind and body.

It will help keep you gracious and grateful.


Moisturize. Wrinkles are a bitch!


Learn to budget


Learn a few good recipes


Invest in a few good classic pieces of clothing:

Cashmere sweater, little black dress, dress shoes, boots, coat


Always keep a safety pin, nail file, spare tissue, back-up pair of tights/hose with you.


. Learn how to laugh at yourself!

And never take yourself or life too seriously.