stylish notes on things to do this weekend, and every weekend...

Our weekends aren't what they used to be of lazy mornings, sleeping in, reading the New York Times while noshing on bagels and drinking hot cups of coffee... Often they're busier than our weekdays, especially for those of us with children. But we can't let them pass us by. Whether we're on taxi duty or have other time consuming demands there are ways to make the most of these two days and reclaim some of the precious free time we used to take for granted.

I find that the best weekends are those that are a perfect combination of relaxation and productivity, an equal balance of both is best, but admittedly, not always possible. Throw into the mix children and their activities, social obligations and dreaded tedious chores, and we're often ready for a weekend by the time our weekend is over! 

There is, however, a recipe to make your weekend a good and fulfilling one so that when you climb into bed on Sunday night you'll have a sense of accomplishment and relaxation. This weekend make yourself a list. You'll be amazed how a few words will greatly alter or impact your weekend. You'll still have your responsibilities to tackle whether it means meeting deadlines, paying bills, doing laundry or planning out meals for the week ahead, but by tossing in and changing a few simple words that we don't think about daily, we can add such a significant impact to our weekends. 

·        rest 
·        create 
·        plan ahead
·        finish up 
·        inspire
·        tend to others 
·        tend to self 
·      encourage
·        be inspired
·        be gracious 
·        be grateful
·       accomplish 
·        celebrate 
·        welcome 
·        nurture

·      observe

Think about it, how often to you inspire or are you inspired? Are you gracious and thankful? If so, how often do you let others know? How often to you create? How often do you celebrate?

I wish you all an inspirational, relaxing and accomplished weekend!