43 of The Most Important Things in Life ...

The most important things in life I did not learn in school. School is important. And while my kids will argue that it's all useless (as I did when I was their age) I will argue that Math is not pointless. You will need it to balance paychecks and budget your earnings and spendings if you ever have your own business. You will need it to calculate tips when you go to a restaurant and you'll need it to figure out whether you can really afford that cashmere sweater this month. Writing is important even if you have no aspirations to be a writer. You will use your writing skills in no matter what career you choose every day - every single day. I could continue but I won't. I did well in college. I worked hard and it showed. My true passion for writing was cultivated in college and I honed in on those skills. When I graduated, however, I was at a loss. I had a degree and I had skills but I hadn't lived... I had not had experienced life, success and failure. All three are necessary in life. They never taught me that in college. As I navigated my way through my own journey I learned a lot of other things that I was never taught in college. Some I learned in my 20s, much I learned in my 30s, and some I've learned over the past couple of years. I will share this list with my children when they are old enough, and I will look to it myself from time to time... Sometimes we all need little reminders!

1. I learned not to be too proud. Or feel entitled. EVER.
2. I learned not to let my fears and insecurities hold me back.
3. I learned to listen to other points of view and accept them, even if they differed from my own.
4. I learned when it was appropriate to speak up.
5. I learned that listening to others is one of the most important tools.
6. I learned never to jump to false conclusions or speak up unless I had all the facts.
7. Research. Research, research, research.
8. Ask. Seek expert advice. Learn from the best.
9. Teach those who are learning. You learn so much from others when you teach and lead the way for them.
10. Be open minded. Simple minds will not move ahead. Closed minds won't either.
11. Listen to both sides of the story.
12. Make mistakes. Mistakes are life's way of teaching us lessons.
13. Always say you're sorry when you're wrong.
14. Be punctual. (In other words be early!)
15. Don't take life too seriously.
16. Don't take yourself too seriously.
17. Make time for fun.
18. Work hard. You can't wish a dream. You have to make it happen.
19. Learn to work with others and independently.
20. Always let others know you appreciate them.
21. Never be afraid to ask for help.
22. Pay it forward.
23. Pay compliments and pay them often.
24. Don't give up. Just take a different approach.
25. Step outside your comfort zone.
26. When something (or someone) doesn't work out it's because they're paving the road for something better ahead.
27. Learn a new skill and perfect it.
28. Be kind.
29. Be courteous.
30. Be generous.
31. Respect your elders.
32. Be grateful.
33. Be gracious.
34. Don't compromise your beliefs or standards.
35. Learn how and when to walk away, and do so gracefully.
36. Always leave a good impression.
37. Always give your best.
38. Always wear a smile.
39. Put your best foot forward.
40. Invest in a few good pieces of clothing.
41. Wear pretty but sensible shoes.
42. Family comes first. No matter what.
43. It always works out in the end. If it's not working out, it's not the end!

I'm still learning and I am sure that this list will be longer in a few years...
What do you have to add to it? What have you learned in life that has helped you learn and grow?
Share this with your grown children and share this with your friends - sometimes we all need little reminders!