Mindful Gifts for the health conscious mother this Mother's Day

Because mom deserves to be pampered... because she deserves to be shown she's appreciated for all that she does. If your mother is anything like I am, she'll tell you not to bother, that she doesn't need anything or want anything. And while this might be true, it's always nice to offer a gift that tells her that she's special. Indulge her with something she might not treat herself to. My curated list has items of all price ranges - some I have, some some I long for. Each item, no matter how large or small was chosen with careful thought and consideration. 

1. Swell water bottle   - Whether running errands, at the gym or sneaking a few minutes of sun at the beach, this water bottle aims to help save the planet! No plastic allowed, this lightweight aluminum container keeps beverages hot or cold.  
2. Padded bike seat  - Whether she rides outdoors or spins, it makes for a much more enjoyable ride! 
3. Apple Watch  - Because it's apple and it's a watch. Your technology. health and fitness conscious mother will approve. 
4. FitBit cover by Tory Burch  - Because we want to look pretty when we exercise - or want to track the miles we've accrued over the course of a regular workday.
5. The Nest, NYT Best selling book - This highly acclaimed book about a dysfunctional family of 40 somethings is what Mom will want to read while you make her breakfast in bed.  
6. Breville Juicer  Freshly squeezed juice to accompany her breakfast in bed. A juicer from a wonderful Australian company that won't break the bank.
7. It's All Easy cookbook by Gwyneth Paltrow  - Inspirational healthy cuisine by Lifestyle doyenne Gwyneth Paltrow. (Maybe you can make mom a recipe for lunch.) 
8. Nest Candle in Bamboo - My all-time favorite candle and my all-time favorite scent. Slightly floral, this clean, crisp aroma instantly calms and will make your home smell wonderful. Light one while she reads The Nest.   
9. Vitabath Verbena Bath Gel - A blast from the past, perhaps? Still as luxurious as it was back then. Treat her to a luxurious bath that smells like the South of France
10. Annick Goutal's Eau d'Hadrien -  One of my most favorite scents, refreshing and light citrus, it's suitable for both men and women.
11. Miracle Gro Aero Garden  -  Sometimes one can't make it to the farm or to the farmer's market... 
12. Cuisinart Sparkling beverage maker  - Because homemade seltzer is just so much better. And you're saving the planet by using less plastic! 

Happy Mother's Day!