Taking stock :: the last days of summer

I'm not ready for summer to be over. I'm not ready to send the children back off to school. I'm not ready for the chaos and madness that ensues. My oldest is entering her Junior year in high school. She's off to college in a couple of years and soon she'll be making her own way in this great big world. Our days of summer carefree fun are nearly fleeting. They all said it would happen so fast. I smiled politely. Those were the days of sleepless nights and core-deep exhaustion. I didn't believe them. The days of temper tantrums and toddler challenges. There was just one child back then, then there were two and then there were three - all in 6 years. They'll be grown before you know it, they said. I smiled politely. I didn't believe them. And then with the blink of an eye it happened. It really did happen. And they're on their way to being grown and becoming more and more independent every day. And now, knowing that my days with them are indeed fleeting, I want to stop time. At the very least I want to slow it down. But I know this is not yet possible. A new school year looms dangerously close. I'm not ready to send them off. In fact, I've yet to do any back to school shopping. We are still very much in summer mode here. We have more to cross off and I am determined to do so! Did you create a summer bucket list? Did you manage to accomplish everything you set out to?