It's a self-manicure miracle!

 One of these polishes is not like the other... 

One of these polishes is not like the other... 

Perhaps not as chic as Chanel, hip as Opi, or trendy as Essie... Perhaps you've even turned up your nose at it in the past, but Sally Hansen - yes, Sally Hansen! - has something that no other nail polish on the market has, and what that is is perhaps the greatest thing in the manicure world. At least for us who are self-manicure challenged. I discovered this quite by accident. Let's call it fate - yes, I will be so dramatic as to call it that. You see, for me this new discovery is a game changer. A game changer, I tell you! 

Painting my nails has never come easy, and all the practice in the world never helped me. As a result I would resort to applying a couple of coats of clear polish or heading over to my local nail salon which can be both time consuming and expensive over time.  Sometimes you just need to paint and dash or touch up and run. For those like me this was never possible. Until now.

Why you ask? What's this great big secret?

Well, it really isn't any secret. It just seems that I am always the last to discover the good things. But, just in case I'm not the last person on earth to know about it, and on the off-chance you're as lousy as I am with the self-manicure, this is something you simply have to know.

It will change your world too!

No, it won't find love. 
No, it won't get rid of those last 10 pounds. 
No, it won't help you figure out the ending to your Great American Novel. 
No, it won't get you the Pulitzer Prize. Or the Nobel Prize.
No, it won't create world peace.
But it will may your day. Maybe even your month. Or your year.

Here's why.
The secret is in the brush.
Look below and look closely. What do you see?
Don't try to look at brands or labels? 
Focus on the brush.

 It's a manicure miracle!

It's a manicure miracle!

Look at the middle brush?
What do you see?
That brush, my friends, is what makes all the difference.
That brush will solve your self-manicure problems.

 The solution is in the brush!

The solution is in the brush!

In the middle. The same brush.
This brush is the answer to your manicure prayers.

See how much wider it is than the rest? (Revlon is the thinnest, followed by Cover Girl, L'Oreal and Opi.) The wide brush means fewer applications. The polish glides on smoothly and evenly. Even on my nails that have pretty deep ridges. I needed only 2-3 brush strokes per coat. I didn't go outside the nail bed much, and the little bit that did washed right off with soap and water when the nails were dry. The second coat went on as easily. And the polish dried pretty quickly as well. 

Sally Hansen offers a wide variety of colors and types of polish and for those like me who sometimes don't often have the time to rush out and get a manicure, this really is a life-changer. Go see for yourself. 

For more visit the Sally Hansen website. (The match your nail color app is pretty fab as well!)

*The thoughts here are purely of my own. I was not given any product or endorsed in any way.