Summer Style :: White Hot

August. The heat can be a killer. The humidity can too. The sun comes beating down. There seems to be no respite from it whatsoever. Even those at the beach or poolside can only find true comfort in the water. For many there's the respite of air conditioning in our homes and in our offices. But many of us still must face the heat whether we're running errands, to and from appointments and meetings or just need to be out and about. The heat can assault. Humidity can too and is often worse than the heat. It is during these relentless Dog Days of Summer that we need to dress as much for comfort as we do for style. We need clothes that are cool, lightweight, stylish and flattering. For office or perhaps dinner, nothing beats a little white dress for chic and casual sophistication. Flowy, gauzy dresses are great for outdoors and those who work in a more casual office setting, as are white jeans and white pants with a loose, yet fitted white top - paired off with a belt and pretty sandals for more casual or heels for a dressier look. 

While black is always stylish and always chic and always sophisticated, it can be downright unbearable on a hot day. White has a crisp and fresh look to it always. And yes, everyone can wear white - when in doubt add color with accessories. 

I may venture to say that this summer, white is the new black!