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Summer Style :: La Chic Boheme (and how to create it)

I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era. I was too young to really remember or know much about the 1970s - I was not 10 until the end of the decade. I was oblivious to the economic and political struggles... I was unaware that gays and blacks were fighting for their own freedom and rights. I lived in New York City surrounded by all people. I didn't know that anyone was "different." I was vaguely aware about Nixon and Watergate. My image and therefore my memory of the 70s was more about music and fashion and freedom. We had chic hippies with long hair and free flowing clothes, large sunglasses, beads, leather... The styles reflected the desires of the upcoming generation who seemed to shun the stifness and rigidity of eras past. There was talk of love and peace and people seemed to embrace a free-spirited gypsy-like lifestyle. At least this was my impression as a young city girl. 

My dress style tends to be more classic in nature - timeless by design. I do tend prefer styles that reflect grace and elegance - Classic but hardly conservative. I add my own flair and personality because that's what style is - It's a way of dressing that is truly one's own. But there's free-spirited vibe of the 70s style and lifestyle that resonates with me. I'm most definitely a free-spirit and my attitude toward many things has become much more relaxed over the past few years as I've learn to focus on what really matters, what is truly important. And it's not the small stuff.

Last week, on a warm and humid day I had a meeting on Long Island. I wanted to be comfortable and casual. I found an old maxi skirt with a fun print, paired it with a little tank top and flip flops. I added a daisy choker and a dozen or so collection of bead bracelets that danced up and down on my arm. I wore my long hair down - something I rarely do. My mood became as relaxed as my wardrobe - carefree but not careless. Call it hippie chic, call it Boho... call it what you will... I call it happy! I say we should all embrace our inner Hippie!






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