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Why wicker isn't for sissies!

Miles Red as featured in Architectural Digest

Miles Red as featured in Architectural Digest

With wicker, it seems, that you either love or hate it. I happen to adore it and I find that it lends itself so perfectly to so many decorating styles. I do love it for its casual, coastal and relaxed feel, and yet it lends itself so perfectly to the most sophisticated and formal of spaces from from traditional to modern - from Island Boho chic, to British Colonial to the relaxed elegance of Ralph Lauren. Wicker is a term that refers more to the style of woven furniture than it does to the materials used. Rattan, a natural grasslike fiber,  is another term used to describe wicker. Wicker furniture is also widely available in synthetic materials which is preferable for those outdoor pieces that are exposed to the elements.  From Sister Parish to West Elm, from Hubert de Givenchy to Nate Berkus, wicker is truly timeless. I think wicker is often misperceived and seems not to be taken seriously enough. For more read here

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